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For several years Belly Dancing is one of the most popular dances among women, also in Poland. This dance gives you more confidence, teaches you self - acceptance, helps to overcome stress, triggers joy and energy, adds charm, softness of movements, graceful, innocent coquetry, in one moment can take you into a seductive exotic, sensual scents and stunning music, fabulous world of the Orient. In the company of women themselves, in the airy skirts, sparkling bras, jangling bracelets and scarves, with oriental melodies and fragrances, ladies feel beautiful, sensual, free and secure.

We got pleasure to welcomes you to our school classes at Nadira Orient, which is a continuation of Krakow's oldest school of Belly Dance "RASHA"( were I had a pleasure of working for many years as an instructor, choreographer and dancer).

You'll learn how much you can pass by a glance, belly or hip movement, you will see how someone can be enchant by your hands, hair, mysterious dance with veil, blood chilling dance with swords, an exciting show with candles, magic show with wings and difficult but extremely impressive dance with saggats. You will learn the seductive beauty of oriental music, extremely rich, different from ours, culture and customs, you will learn to express your femininity, sensuality and emotion.

We provide a fully qualified belly dance instructors, a very rich curriculum, an effective system of education. For many years students of Nadira Orient wins top prizes in competitions at national level. We provide an inmate group and individual approach to each of our students. The school also provides, in the price of the course, all the props needed for the classes (voiles, trays, swords, Isis wings, Asay, saggats, jugs, lanterns).

For outstanding students possibility of performing with our dance group "Nadira Orient".

Our school also organizes, having a great interest (including media) big oriental events, during which the students can present their skills and take part in the contest of belly dancing. The winners of the competition receive attractive and valuable prizes.

Our school also organizes courses for children. The girls also demonstrate their skills on the big stage.

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